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As with the unlock guidelines in many countries, taxis and cab services are reinstated again. Life is gradually becoming normal. People have now started travelling while taking precautions such as wearing masks and sanitizing hands. This raises the questions in the minds of passengers about safety while travelling in a cab or taxi in Melbourne. There are some safety precautions that are being taken by the taxi service provider to make your ride safe and comfortable. If your cab service provider is following these precautions, then you can go ahead with them.

Covid Safety Precautions Taken By Maxi Taxi Melbourne:

  • Wearing Mask: Always travel with a driver who wears a mask. This shows that taxi companies care about their customers’ health. Mask has played an important role to suppress covid transmission and thus saving lives. So, don’t take the risk to travel with a driver that does not wear a mask, as there are higher chances of getting infected.

How to ride safe in this pandemic?

  • Clean Cars: We make sure to clean and sanitize our cars after every ride. Clean cars are always liked by travellers. By disinfecting the frequent touch surface such as door handle, seats etc. car after every ride. We make sure that our customers are protected against covid 19.
  • Temperature Check: At the time of starting out work in the early morning, we start by checking the temperature of our drivers. In case, we find any of the drivers are suffering from fever, we grant a leave immediately. Thus we make sure that passengers travel with a driver who is fit and not infected.
  • Contactless Payment: We give the option of payment through Google pay, Amazon Pay and mobile wallet to minimize the contact of driver with our customers. This is intended in view of the safety of customers.

Along with these precautions to make our customers feel safe while riding with Maxi Cab Melbourne. We also have protective screens between the driver and the passenger to make a contactless ride. With all these precautions, we ensure the full safety of people travelling with us.

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