Maxi Cab Wheelchair Services

Moving around is not just a hobby or fun, but it is a way of life and a natural instinct. Disability may challenge you physically, but wheelchair cab service ensures that the disability should not get struck in your head when you feel about to cross the stairs of your home.

Since the public transport become a battleground while catering the mammoth size population of Melbourne city. Especially able hardly expect to have any comfort in the bus or train. Wheelchair taxi remains the only option for those who want to or who have to move from one place to another. Wheelchair maxi cab Melbourne is a renowned name to provide affordable service to save you from nightmare of public transportation.

Now the world is not what it used to be, sensitivity of the society have been increased and disability is just a kind of another hurdle which can be tackled with the wise choice like wheelchair taxi.

Why travel with us

  • Specially trained drivers are working with our wheelchair taxi service, who are sensitive enough to assist passengers who need any special assistance.
  • Maxi’s wheelchair cab Melbourne are designed and modified in such manner that it doesn’t require any extra effort or assistance.
  • First aid and fire extinguisher to tackle any sudden mishap.
  • Extra space for caregiver.
  • GPS service to track every whereabouts of taxi.
  • Easy online booking.
  • Door to door service. You just need to mention your pick-up and drop-off location.

Maxi’s wheelchair taxi allows you to travel independently with the dignity weather it’s your regular session of physiotherapy or a precious occasion that you can’t afford to miss.

Since the collective sensitivity of the society has been improved in the last few years, so you would see the facilities for differently able people at the airports or railway stations but what about the journey from airport to your house? That’s where maxi’s wheelchair taxi service comes to fill these small gaps.

We suggest you to pre-book taxi and mention any specific modifications if you need since the taxis with wheelchair facility are limited in number.

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