Wheelchair Accessible Maxi Services in Melbourne

For A Profession Wheelchair taxi services in Melbourne and surrounding area, call Maxi On Time Melbourne. We have maxi taxis with a hoist and lift that can easily fit two electric wheelchairs. Our Fleet of wheelchair taxi Melbourne serving people with disability from last 15 years in and around Melbourne. We provide 100% Guaranteed Wheelchair accessible taxi in fifteen minutes. Our air conditioned Elite Fleet service operates across the Melbourne area.

Our wheelchair maxi cab has a ramp or a passenger lift to assist the wheelchair user with getting into the cab, which is far easier than transferring from a wheelchair to a car seat and dismantling the wheelchair for the journey. As wheelchairs are carefully designed to support a disabled person, our wheelchair-accessible taxis allow disabled people to stay in the position that is best for their body and posture.

Our drivers are certified in safely driving and trained to provide a highly professional, personal service to people with a disability, and have the expertise to safely transport people who are dependent on a wheelchair. All Our Drivers are always be respectful of their passengers, including those with disabilities, and they should understand that some disabled people have difficulty communicating.

Here is the Key Points to Hire Maxi on Time Melbourne

  • Easy to Book Via Phone Call or Online Form in Website
  • Clean and Smoke Free Cab
  • All Cabs 100% Insured and Approved By Government
  • 24/7 Open for Booking & Inquiries.
  • We Don’t Charge for Waiting at Airport in-case your flight get Late.

All of the equipment and part in our wheelchair taxi are tested regularly by the driver to ensure it remains in good repair.  We always do routine checkup of all our fleet to make sure that we can provide maximum level of comfort and safety whiles your trip. All Our cabs are 100% safe & insured.

Our Fleet are designed to fit all types of disability vehicles like manual wheelchair, automatic wheelchair, or mobility scooter. We are available 24/7 hours in a week to help you move from one location to another surrounding Melbourne.

With an accessible taxi, disabled people can travel in comfort and safety. Considering the pointers above, why not book a wheelchair-accessible taxi for your next journey out?


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