How maxi on time ensures safety of passengers?

How maxi on time ensures safety of passengers

When a passenger is traveling in a cab or taxi, the most important thing he is concerned about is his safety. Passengers like to travel frequently with those taxi companies that stand best in ensuring their safety. It’s human nature to feel comfortable when you feel safe.

Steps Taken By Maxi Taxi Melbourne To Ensure Safety:

Timely Service And Check-Up: Well, we do timely services of a car and regular check-ups every week. These check-ups are done for mobile oil, brakes, tires, engines, etc. All this is done, so that car runs smooth and it does not stop midway.  When a car breakdown, it causes unnecessary trouble for the passengers. So to avoid such an embarrassing situation, we make sure our all cabs are in the good condition.

How maxi on time ensures safety of passengers

Verification Of Drivers: Whenever we hire drivers to our team, we conduct proper verification. This is done to confirm that driver has a clean history and has proper documents with him. After completion of scrutiny, only then we hire them.  This is done so that our customers do not face any unpleasant situation.

Vehicle Tracking: To ensure safety, we have GPS installed in all our vehicles. This helps passengers in two ways. First, he can check the live location of the vehicle after booking. Thus passengers will not wait unnecessarily and will reach easily the pick-up point once the taxi has arrived. Second, he can share the location of the car with family members and friends, so that in case of any emergency they can reach passengers.

Speed Limit: Maxi Cab Melbourne is very strict about this point and urges the drivers not to cross the speed limits. Along with this we also ensure that our driver follows all the traffic rules. We promote safety and advice the passenger to wear a seat belt once the ride is started. Talking on the phone while driving is not practiced by our drivers.

Maxi On Time has a focus on the safety and security of all our passengers.


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